“One-stop” service encompassing everything from
planning to design and construction

A significant strength of Daido Machinery’s construction business is that we work extremely closely with the customer at the planning-and-proposal stages, a capability that stems directly from the fact that we run our own plants.
We work on a wide variety of construction projects, including not only plant buildings but also school buildings, hospitals and clinics, and shopping centers. As a multidisciplinary construction company, we offer “one-stop” service spanning all construction processes including exteriors, site greening, and infrastructure—from design and construction to maintenance and renovation—as well as agent services to ensure legal compliance.



Our experts in the field of construction, civil engineering, and the environment provide a wide range of support from devising the optimal plan to consulting

Our technical sales staff, steeped in experience, offer support to customers starting with the planning-and-proposal states. Civil engineering professionals address any issues and problems to identify solutions. We offer these services not only for new construction but also renovation of existing structures, afforesting planning, consulting on work environment improvement, and more.



A superior management structure ensures smooth construction project implementation

Under the guidance of highly-experienced construction managers and a comprehensive management system encompassing all processes, we ensure superior quality of buildings and relevant equipment. In addition, by coordinating with related parties, we render the implementation process smooth and seamless. We also fine-tune our support to answer to customer needs.


Maintenance and renovation

Performing regular checks on construction status, we implement optimal operations and management. We also accept large-scale renovation.

Our veteran survey staff perform analyses and surveys of aging buildings, conducting appropriate management, as well as maintenance, renovation, earthquake-proofing, and more, depending on building condition and purpose. In addition to production facilities, we also handle medical facilities and shopping centers.


Legal compliance

Professionals well-versed in the law address the various contingent business issues required for construction planning

We also accommodate continent business required for construction planning, from surveying and procedures pertaining to selection of company location, as well as legal consultations related to civil engineering and construction.

  • Agent services for legal procedures including conformity to the Building Standard Law, the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act, and the Factory Location Law
  • Local surveying to ensure compliance with laws
  • Specialized construction services

    Civil engineering, construction, scaffolding and earthwork, stonework, roofing, electrical work, piping, tiling, brickwork, steel structures, paving, painting, waterproofing, interior finish, machinery and equipment, thermal insulation, landscaping, waterworks, and disassembly

  • Senior registered architect office

Example of construction

Construction work

  • constraction-img01

    Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
    Construction of PLP magnet factory

  • constraction-img02

    Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
    Hoshizaki Plant Sewage Conveying Facility

  • constraction-img03

    Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
    Shibukawa factory cafeteria construction

  • constraction-img04

    Sakurai Kosan Co., Ltd.
    Construction of Arako Factory

  • constraction-img05

    Katagiri Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Construction of Miyanojo Factory

Repair work

  • repair-img01

    Daido Steel Co., Ltd.
    Construction of Hana Momo Park at Chita Plant

  • repair-img03

    Qol Pharmacy
    Store renovation

  • repair-img04

    Daido Hospital
    Store renovation

  • repair-img05

    Daido Gakuen
    Ground renovation


  • research-img01

    Daido Bunseki Research, INC.
    Environmental analysis center design supervision


Construction project "women's welfare building" promoted by female staff completed

Aiming to be a company that can grow sustainably, we are also working to promote diversity. One symbol of this is the female-only welfare facility built on the premises of the head office factory. In recent years, as the number of female employees, including engineers, has increased, the need has increased, and the project was started mainly by female staff in the construction department.
When designing, we first interviewed a wide range of female employees and examined the specifications from the perspective of the women who would actually use them. The locker zone emphasizes comfort and convenience, and is equipped with a powder corner and multi-purpose restrooms, as well as barrier-free specifications. Rather than focusing solely on practicality, we also incorporate the unique sensibility of women into the construction of the courtyard and the form of the roof. To be a company where all employees can work energetically. Daido Machinery continues to evolve with the times.

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Even if you don’t have the specifics in minds, please consult with us.
It is our job to bring form to our customers’ ideas.

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