Machine equipment

Machine Equipment

The best solution
for each production site

The demand for small-lot production of diverse products
at customer production sites is accelerating
even as demands for labor and energy saving, cost reductions,
environmental responses and more are rising.
Daido Machinery offers optimal machine equipment
that solves customer problems.


These machines automatically bind steel bars, molded steel, coils, and other items
with annealed wire to create high-quality and safe packages.

  • The binding wire yield is 100%

    The binding mechanism of this machine effectively uses 100% of the binding wire, with absolutely no waste.

  • Knot safety measures

    After twisting both ends of the binding wire, it is completely bent to the surface of the bound material,
    so there is no danger during handling work.

  • binding

    The binding mechanism of this machine comprises a binding wire feed, clamping, tightening, cutting, and twisting mechanisms,
    and in the binding process in particular, the tensile force remains in the binding wire when the twisting process starts,
    so a very tight binding can be achieved.

Round Bar Straightening Machines

These machines can straighten round bars and thick wall pipes made of various metals and can perform high-speed, high precision straightening.

  • High-precision straightening over the entire length is possible.

    Our straightening machines use line contact curves based on accumulated expertise.
    As a result, it is possible to perform high-precision straightening over the entire length of the material and to obtain a beautiful surface and long life.

  • Exceptional straightening quality achieved with high-speed

    On the entry side of the restraint table, the material is restrained on both sides by hydraulic cylinders
    during straightening to prevent the material from shaking, even during high-speed straightening.
    Damage is prevented to enhance straightening precision.
    The material is transported at high speed on a push-up table on the exit side,
    enabling safe and reliable transport even when the gap between materials is small. In addition, by dividing the guide bar facing into four parts,
    it is possible to replace only the parts that are worn out, reducing running costs.

PowerTite (coupling fasteners)

Six hydraulic cylinders directly grip the workpiece and a floating mechanism follows the workpiece
to provide high-torque, accurate tightening.

  • Uniform fastening using a floating mechanism

    The machine has a floating mechanism on the pipe clamp side and floats in all directions.
    This makes it possible to grip the material with more uniform force and suppresses the effects on tightening torque
    due to deflection and eccentricity.

  • Premium JAW developed by Daido Machinery

    We can provide a standard JAW and premium JAW (option).
    The premium JAW developed by Daido Machinery is ideal for premium joints as it grips the workpiece over a 360° circumference,
    which minimizes flaws due to gripping.

CNC Bending Rolls

Bending various shapes of steel plate is performed automatically by CNC control,
ensuring high precision and excellent quality.

  • Simple operational devices

    We have created software for bending patterns based on the extensive know-how that we have acquired.
    Operation is extremely simple, including a teaching playback system.
    Interactive operation makes the machinery easier to operate and prevents operating mistakes.
    In addition, error displays clarify operations and improve maintainability.

  • Distinctive Roll Systems

    By adopting a work contact type measuring roll, accurate bending and roundness can be ensured
    by accurately measuring the workpiece feed amount. High-quality bending can be performed by correcting the roll deflection calculated
    by CNC based on the workpiece processing conditions by raising or lowering the backup roll in advance.

NC Gantry Drills

Multiple large plate materials can be placed in any position to achieve highly reliable and unmanned continuous processing.
The machines are equipped with a function that prevents springback of workpieces, and a function that prevent damage to cutting tools is standard.

  • Positioning materials is not necessary

    By marking two positions on the material, the machine (NC) reads those points and records the status of the material (position and angle).
    The work of reading the points on the material is performed from a monitor on an operating desk using a microscope camera system.

  • High-precision coordinate rotation function

    The high-precision coordinate rotation function developed by Daido Machinery enables the machine (NC)
    to automatically correct the deviation from the material and the angle of the plate when the status in which the material is placed is recorded.

  • Operating function for reducing processing time

    The processing time can be shortened by detecting the current value drop when the hole penetrates,
    interrupting the subsequent cutting feed and quickly raising the drill.

Parts Formers

Multi-stage (four to eight) forging technology makes possible the forming of parts with complex shapes.
By attaching a warm compaction device, the machines can be used to forge difficult to process materials such as stainless steel.

  • Net shape needs are met using advanced technology!

    Daido Machinery has a wide-ranging lineup from large parts formers that can work with wire
    with the maximum diameter of φ 46 mm to formers for ultra-small, precise parts that enable forging of ultra-small,
    precise components of less than 1 mm using a mechanism for high-precision finishing.

  • Computer quality control system

    By managing and recording the pressing force for each process,
    it is possible to detect defective products, abnormal pressing force, and manage tool and die life span.

  • Equipped with double cam transfer mechanism

    Directly driving the chuck using a double cam achieves stable product feed.
    In addition, raising and lowering the chuck can be performed by button operation, greatly improving operability.

Electrostatic rust prevention oil coating device

High voltage is applied to the rust prevention oil and the workpiece so that the rust prevention oil is given a negative charge
and the workpiece is given a positive charge and the oil is attracted to the workpiece due to the repulsion of static electricity, resulting in an even and uniform oil film.

  • Uniform application using the power of static electricity is possible

    Negatively charged particles of the rust prevention oil are attracted to the positively charged workpiece,
    forming a uniform oil film regardless of surface irregularities.

  • Work time is shortened and rust prevention oil consumption is reduced.

    Simply by feeding workpieces, the entire surface of the workpiece is coated automatically and quickly.
    Coating efficiency exceeds 90%, reducing consumption of rust prevention oil.

  • Contributes to prevention of health problems and an improved work environment

    Compared to conventional manual spray application, the amount of rust prevention oil is extremely small,
    which contributes to preventing health problems of workers and improving the work environment.

Teaching-less Robot System

The time required for workers to “teach” robots is dramatically reduced. Based on scanned 3D work data, this system enables the robot to learn programs in a short period of time.

  • Preparation time cut dramatically

    The time it takes a robot to learn safe path generation, where it runs automatically, can be reduced from approximately 3.5 days to about 10 minutes*.
    Since this is a teaching-less robot, small-lot, low-volume production is appropriate.
    *Time required depends on factors such as dimensions and shape, as well as the operating environment.

  • Need for 3D CAD data eliminated

    The work is accomplished through shape recognition using 3D scanners; since data can be converted to 3D on the spot, separate 3D CAD data is not required. This means that the robots are generally more accessible to people.

  • Flexibility

    A flexible hand with 1 mm pitch allows for smooth movement, even on curved surfaces (patent pending).

    Attachments may be switched for a variety of purposes including grinding and polishing.

    With no limit on processable coordinate points, robot manufacturers face virtually no restrictions.


Even if you don’t have the specifics in minds, please consult with us.
It is our job to bring form to our customers’ ideas.

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